Die passende Universität für dein Auslandssemester:
Uni- und Programmsuche

Studieren an der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Studieren in einer der coolesten Städte Europas? Jetzt für ein Auslandssemester an der VU Amsterdam bewerben.


Studienprogramme für ein Auslandssemester an der VU Amsterdam. IEC hilft bei der Auswahl der Kurse und der Anerkennung von Studienleistungen als Freemover an der Heimatuniversität.

Auslandssemester im Bachelor

Naturwissenschaften & Mathematik
  • Adaptation to Human Environment (Fall)
  • Climate Science (Fall)
  • Ecosystem Modelling (Fall)
  • Environmental Toxicology (Fall)
  • Introduction to Environmental Sciences (Fall)
  • Land Use Change (Fall)
  • Petrology of System Earth (Fall)
  • Research Seminar Spatial Economics (Fall)
  • Transport and Environmental Economics (Fall)
  • Earth Surface (Spring)
  • Solid Earth (Spring)
  • Antimicrobials Compounds: From Clinical Use to Target Analysis and Drug Development (Fall)
  • Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Development (Fall)
  • Decision making in PPA Methodology and Biostatistics III (Spring)
  • Principles of Systems Biology (Spring)
  • Behavioural Biology (Fall)
  • Evolutionary Genetics (Fall)
  • Experimental Cell Biology I and II (Fall)
  • Experimental Immunology (Fall)
  • From Protein to Cell (Fall)
  • Human Evolution (Fall)
  • Introduction to Biogeosciences (Fall)
  • Methodology and Biostatistics I and II (Fall)
  • Molecular Cell Biology (Fall)
  • Molecular Microbiology (Fall)
  • Nature versus Nurture (Fall)
  • Systems Ecology (Fall)
  • Toxicology and Neurodevelopment (Fall)
  • Analysis of biological research (Spring)
  • Evolutionary Biology and Ecology (Spring)
  • Mechanics and thermodynamics in the cell (Spring)
  • Molecular Biology Techniques (Spring)
  • Biochemistry in Health and Disease (Fall)
  • Brain in Trouble (Fall)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience (Fall)
  • Molecular Principles of Brain Disorders (Fall)
  • Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders (Fall)
  • Neuronal Networks and Behavior (Fall)
  • Qualitative Research (Fall)
  • The Adaptive Brain (Fall)
  • The Developing Brain (Fall)
  • Human Neurophysiology (Spring)
  • Collective Intelligence (Spring)
  • Analyses Toolbox (Fall)
  • Behaviour Genetics (Fall)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience (Fall)
  • Education and the Good life (Fall)
  • Evolutionary Psychology (Fall)
  • Group Dynamics (Fall)
  • Mind Brain and Education (Fall)
  • Psychophysiological and Cognitive Applications (Fall)
  • Research Toolbox (Fall)
  • Cognition and Emotion (Spring)
  • Cooperation and Competition (Spring)
  • Emotion and Social Cognition (Spring)
  • Methodology and start B-thesis (Spring)
  • Sensation and Perception (Spring)
  • Stress and Health (Spring)
  • Genes, Brains and Behaviour (Spring)
  • Food for Thought (Fall)
  • Dietetics and Research (Spring)
  • Geographic Analysis and Visualisation (Fall)
  • Historical Geology and Sedimentology (Fall)
  • Regional Sructural Geology (Fall)
  • Isotope Geochemistry (Fall)
  • Mind and Machine (Fall)
  • Advanced Programming (Spring)
  • Computational thinking (Spring)
  • Computer Networks (Spring)
  • Concurrency & Multithreading (Spring)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Spring)
  • Information Retrieval (Spring)
  • Introduction Computer Science (Spring)
  • Introduction to Programming (Java) (Spring)
  • Operating Systems (Spring)
  • Pervasive Computing (Spring)
  • Programming (Spring)
  • Secure programming (Spring)
  • Semantic Web (Spring)
  • Systems Programming (Spring)
  • Web Technology (Spring)
  • Bachelor Project Computer Science (Spring)
  • Computer Systems (Spring)
  • Databases (Spring)
  • Dynamics and Computation (Spring)
  • Automata and Complexity (Spring)
  • Human-Computer Interaction (Spring)
  • Machine Learning (Spring)
  • Networks and Graphs (Spring)
  • Project Big Data (Spring)
  • Software Modelling (Spring)
  • Software Project Management (Spring)
  • Deep programming (Spring)
Mathematik / Statistik
  • Applied Analysis: Financial Math (Spring)
  • Calculus 1 and 2 (Spring)
  • Measure Theory (Spring)
  • Sets and Combinatorics (Spring)
  • Statistical Methods (Spring)
  • Statistics (Spring)
  • Stochastic Modeling (Spring)
  • Linear Algebra (Spring)
  • Logic and modelling (Spring)
  • Logic and Sets (Spring)
  • Mathematic Methods (Spring)
  • Numerical Methods (Spring)
  • Operations Research (Spring)
  • Probability Theory (Spring)
  • Statistical Data Analysis (Spring)
Naturwissenschaften (sonstige)
  • Archaeology of the Pre- and Protohistorical Mediterranean (Fall)
  • Science Methods in Archaeology (Fall)
  • Archaeology of Prehistoric Western Europe (Spring)
  • Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (Spring)
  • Mediterranean Archaeology: Imagining the Past (Spring)
  • Molecular Genetics (Spring)
  • Allergy and Autoimmunity (Fall)
  • Clinical Trials and Health Care (Fall)
  • Community-based Health Interventions (Fall)
  • Double Burden of Disease (Fall)
  • Drivers of Change in Global Health (Fall)
  • Drugs and Addiction (Fall)
  • Future Challenges in Global Health (Fall)
  • Genetics and Public Health (Fall)
  • Heart Failure and Therapy (Fall)
  • Key Strategies in Disability and Neuropathy (Fall)
  • Moving Matters in Health (Fall)
  • Oncology and Public Health (Fall)
  • Sexual Health: Threats and Opportunities (Fall)
  • Tailoring Medicine and Telemedicine (Fall)
  • Medical Genomics (BMW) (Spring)
  • Systems Biology and Medicine (Spring)
  • Prevention and Public Health (Spring)
  • Infection Diseases (Premaster) (Spring)
  • Biomedical and Health Interventions (Spring)
  • Biomedical Topics in Health Care (Spring)
  • Biomolecular and Neurosciences (Spring)
  • Brain and Mind (Spring)
  • Topics in Biomedical Sciences (Spring)
  • Health @ Work (Fall)
  • Policy and Organisation of Care (Fall)
  • Public Economics (Fall)
  • Policy and Organisation of Care (Spring)
  • Public Health in International Context (Spring)
  • Business Simulation (Spring)
  • Introduction to Business Analytics (Spring)
  • Project Business Analytics 1 (Spring)
  • Project Application Development (Spring)
  • Project Business Analytics 2 (Spring)
  • Enterprising Behavior (Fall)
  • Filming Entrepreneurship (Fall)
  • Foundations of Forms of Entrepreneurship (Fall)
  • Leadership: Mobilizing People (Fall)
  • Nudge: Influencing Behavior (Fall)
  • New Venture Creation (Fall)
  • Economic Assessment of Health Care (Fall)
  • Organizational Behavior and Decision Making (Fall)
  • Operations Research I (Fall)
  • Business Game (Fall)
  • Heuristic Optimization Methods (Fall)
  • Operations Analytics (Fall)
  • Organisation Theory (Fall)
  • Business Information Systems (Fall)
  • International Strategy (Fall)
  • Consumer Science for Online Commerce (Fall)
  • E-Commerce Supply Chain Management (Fall)
  • Emerging Technologies for E-Business and Online Commerce (Fall)
  • Grand Challenges (Fall)
  • Introduction to E-business and Online Commerce (Fall)
  • Informations Systems in E-Business and Online Commerce (Fall)
  • Organizing Sustainable Innovation (Fall)
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management (Fall)
  • Shared Value Creation (Fall)
  • Consumer Behavior (Spring)
  • Industrial Organization (Spring)
  • Business Processes (Spring)
  • Business Statistics (Spring)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (Spring)
  • Business Research Methods I - Quantitative/Qualitative (Spring)
  • Digital Innovation and Virtual Organising in a Global Setting (Spring)
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (Spring)
  • Contemporary Perspectives on OB: Leading Change (Spring)
  • Small Business Development (Spring)
  • Understanding and Influencing Decisions in Business and Society (Spring)
  • Entrepreneurship (Spring)
  • E-business and Online Commerce (Spring)
  • Sustainability and Innovation (Spring)
  • Business Administration (Spring)
  • Business Anthropology (Fall)
  • Entrepreneuring in Amsterdam (Fall)
  • Entrepreneurship and Networks (Fall)
  • Entrepreneurship Industry (Fall)
  • Environment and Development (Fall)
  • Introduction in Entrepreneurship (Fall)
  • Entrepreneurship (Spring)
  • Risk Management (Spring)
  • Managing Negotiations: Getting to Yes (Fall)
  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (Fall)
  • Health Care Management (Fall)
  • Foundations of Strategic Management (Spring)
  • Knowledge Management (Spring)
  • Managing and Improving Quality (Spring)
  • Procurement and Supply Management (Spring)
  • Strategic Management from a Practice Perspective (Spring)
  • Health Care Management (Spring)
  • Public Management (Fall)
  • Macroeconomics II (Fall)
  • Health Economics (Fall)
  • Introduction into Health Care Economics (Fall)
  • Urban Economics (Fall)
  • Integrative Practical (Fall)
  • Mathematical Economics I (Fall)
  • Econometrics I (Fall)
  • Computational Econometrics (Fall)
  • Case Lab (Fall)
  • Case Study: A Modelling Competition (Fall)
  • Data Analytics (Fall)
  • Empirical Economics (Fall)
  • Introduction to Econometrics (Fall)
  • Introduction to Time Series (Fall)
  • Economics for the Global Era (Fall)
  • Mathematical Economics II (Spring)
  • Econometrics II (Spring)
  • Empirical Econometric Modelling (Spring)
  • Mathematical Economics III (Spring)
  • Supply Chain Management in Emerging Economies (Spring)
  • Applied Econometrics: A Big Data Experience for All (Spring)
  • Economics (Spring)
  • Accounting and IT Systems I and II (Fall)
  • Corporate Governance and Accountability (Fall)
  • Tax and Organizations (Fall)
  • Accounting (Spring)
  • Accounting in Multi-Nationa Enterprises (Spring)
  • Accounting, Organizations and Society (Spring)
  • Financial Management in Health Care Organizations (Fall)
  • Empirical Finance (Fall)
  • Finance (Fall)
  • Financial Markets and Institutions (Spring)
  • Human Capital Across the Life Cycle (Spring)
  • Inclusive Growth and Sustainability (Spring)
  • Investments (Spring)
  • Computational Finance (Spring)
  • Corporate Finance in Emerging Economies (Spring)
  • Financial Modelling and Derivatives (Spring)
  • International Financial Management (Spring)
  • Empirical Marketing (Fall)
  • Marketing Sustainable Innovations (Fall)
  • Digital Marketing and Metrics (Spring)
  • Cross Cultural Marketing (Spring)
  • Marketing in Emerging Economies (Spring)
  • Organisational Behavior - Human Resource Management (Fall)
  • Human Resource Management Practices: A Global Perspective (Spring)
  • Contemporary Perspectives on HRM Theory (Spring)
  • Urban Economics (Fall)
Ingenieurwissenschaften (andere)
  • Algorithm Engineering (Spring)
Politikwissenschaften / Internationale Beziehungen
  • Service Science (Spring)
  • Democracy: A History (Fall)
  • Migration, Ethnicity and the Economy (Fall)
  • Empires and States in a Globalising World (1500-present) (Spring)
  • How Organisations use History (Spring)
  • International Organizations: Institutions, People, Networks (Spring)
  • International Relations from Below (Spring)
  • World Heritage and Conflict (Spring)
  • Migration Studies (Spring)
  • Capita Selecta Political Science (Fall)
  • Comparative Political Research (Fall)
  • Culture and Citizenship (Fall)
  • Development and Globalization (Fall)
  • Development from an Interdisciplinary Viewpoint (Fall)
  • Enterprising Regions (Fall)
  • Global Political Economy (Fall)
  • Identity and Diversity in Organizations (Fall)
  • Identity, Ethnicity and Nationalism (Fall)
  • International Relations and Global Governance (Fall)
  • Organization Politics (Fall)
  • Organizational Discourse and Narrative Analysis (Fall)
  • Radicalization and Conflict (Fall)
  • State, Power and Conflict (Fall)
  • Urban Struggle (Fall)
  • A Global History of Inequality (Spring)
  • Decision Making and Institutional Policy Change (Spring)
  • EU Governance in an International Context (Spring)
  • History of Political Thought (Spring)
  • Organizational Culture and Change (Spring)
  • Sex Work in the times of Antitrafficking: From a Global Perspective (Spring)
  • Social Inequalities and the Welfare State (Spring)
  • Social Inequalities and the Welfare State (Spring)
  • Social Structure and Political Mobilization (Spring)
  • Development Studies (Spring)
  • Frontiers of Multicultural Societies (Spring)
  • Organizational Culture (Spring)
  • Political Science (Spring)
  • Human Resource Development (Spring)
Religionswissenschaften / Theologie
  • Ancient Christianity (Fall)
  • Early Christian Studies: Desert Christians & the Literature of Early Monasticism (Spring)
  • Sacral Topography and Religious Architecture (Spring)
  • Anthropology of Religion (Fall)
  • Global Religion and Local Diversity (Fall)
  • Sociology of Globalization and Multiculturalism (Fall)
Sprach- & Kulturwissenschaften & Sport
  • History of Science (Spring)
  • Dutch History in European Context 1200-1800 (Fall)
  • Exhibition Machines (Fall)
  • History of Emotions (Fall)
  • History of the Levant A (Fall)
  • Imagining the Dutch: themes in Dutch History A (Fall)
  • Introduction Migration Studies (Fall)
  • Social History of the United States (Fall)
  • The United States South, 1800-1970 (Fall)
  • Urban History: Bruges, Antwerp and Amsterdam (Fall)
  • Global Migration History (Spring)
  • Mesopotamian Legal Texts (Spring)
  • Slavery and Slave Trade: History and Memory (Spring)
  • European History and Culture 1200-1800 (Spring)
  • History and Theory of Anthropology (Fall)
Neuere Philologie / Fremdsprachen
  • Advanced English Language Skills (blended learning) (Fall)
  • American Film: Cinematic Representations of the “Other” (Fall)
  • American Literature 1900-present (Fall)
  • Dutch Literature and Culture of the Golden Age (Fall)
  • Global English (Fall)
  • Minor English: English in my own Discipline (Fall)
  • Minor English: Grammar and Writing 1 (Fall)
  • Minor English: Pronunciation and Presentation (Fall)
  • Minor English: Writing 2 (Fall)
  • Pronunciation (Fall)
  • English: International Communication (Spring)
  • Text Production and Translation (Spring)
  • Minor in English (Spring)
Klassische Philologie
  • Akkadian Literary Texts B (Fall)
  • Aramaic (Fall)
  • Elementary Course Babylonian 1 and 2 (Fall)
  • Greek and Latin Patristic Literature (Fall)
  • Historical Texts Babylonia (Fall)
  • The Archaic Period in the Eastern Aegean (Fall)
  • Advanced Akkadian Seminar (Spring)
  • Elementary Course Babylonian 3 (Spring)
  • Elementary Course Babylonian 4 (Spring)
  • Hellenism from Alexander the Great to Severus Alexander (Spring)
  • Amsterdam Jewish Culture (Fall)
  • Amsterdam: A Historical Introduction (Fall)
  • Amsterdam: Comparing Heritage Projects (Fall)
  • Amsterdam: Global Historical Perspectives (Fall)
  • Introduction to American Studies (Fall)
  • Urban Culture and Public Space (Fall)
  • Imagining the Dutch: themes in Dutch History B (Spring)
  • Intercultural Communication (Spring)
  • American Studies (Spring)
  • Digital Humanities (Spring)
  • Intercultural Communication (Fall)
  • Analysing Text and Talk (Fall)
  • Annotation by Humans and Machines (Fall)
  • Genre and Literary Analysis (Fall)
  • Literary Theory (Fall)
  • Literature, Culture and Society (Fall)
  • Medieval Literature and Culture in a European Context (Fall)
  • To Have and to Hold: The History of Collecting and Exhibiting (1500-present) (Fall)
  • Art, Science and Film Representation (Spring)
  • British Literature 1688-1800 (Spring)
  • British Literature 1900-present (Spring)
  • English Literature 1550-1688 (Spring)
  • English Literature in a Changing World (Spring)
  • English Literature in a Changing World 1: Literature and Politics (Spring)
  • English Literature in a Changing World 2: Utopia/Dystopia (Spring)
  • English Literature in a Changing World 3: New Voices, New Genres (Spring)
  • History of Ancient Near Eastern Literature (Spring)
  • Literary Prizes (Spring)
  • Shakespeare on Film (Spring)
  • What is e-Humanities (Spring)
Film und TV
  • Film and Media History (Fall)
Medien-/ Kommunikationswissenschaften / PR
  • Historiography of Media (Fall)
  • Language and Interaction (Spring)
  • Media Entertainment (Fall)
  • Social Media (Fall)
  • Culture and New Media (Spring)
  • Individual Processing of Media (Spring)
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management (Spring)
  • Philosophy of Freedom: Freedom and Causality (Fall)
  • Philosophy of Freedom: Freedom and the Brain (Fall)
  • Philosophy of Freedom: Freedom, Nature and Beauty (Fall)
  • Philosophy of Freedom: Morality of Freedom (Fall)
  • Philosophy of Freedom: Original Freedom (Fall)
  • Philosophy of Freedom (Spring)
  • Transatlantic Travel Writing (Fall)
  • Writing 2 (Fall)
  • Creative Writing L&S (Spring)
  • Designing Interventions in Business and Society (Fall)
  • Judgment and Decision Making (Fall)
  • International Business Law (Fall)
  • Auditing (Spring)
  • Debates in Consulting Research (Spring)
  • Bioethics, Technology and Law (Fall)
  • Children’s Rights from an International Perspective (Fall)
  • Current Issues in Transnational Law (Fall)
  • EU Internal Market Law (Fall)
  • European and International Law (Fall)
  • Introduction to European Legal Science (Fall)
  • Human Rights and Migration: Citizenship (Fall)
  • Human Rights and Migration: Current Issues (Fall)
  • Human Rights and Migration: The Border (Fall)
  • International Company Law (Fall)
  • International Tax Law (Fall)
  • Internet Governance (Fall)
  • Public International Law (Fall)
  • Refugee and Family Migratory Law (Fall)
  • Research Seminar International Crimes (Fall)
  • Transnational Law in Social Context (Fall)
  • Transnational Law in Theory and Practice (Fall)
  • Advanced Course in Legal Philosophy (Spring)
  • Competition Law (Spring)
  • Corporations and International Crimes (Spring)
  • E-Commerce Law (Spring)
  • EU Anti-Discrimination Law (Spring)
  • Human Rights Protection in Europe (Spring)
  • International Business and Internet Law (Spring)
  • Irregular Migration (Spring)
  • Legal English (Spring)
  • Law and Religion in Europe (Spring)
  • Transnational Law and Society (Spring)
Kunst / Kunstwissenschaft
Grafikdesign & Illustration
  • Digital Hermeneutics and Visualisation (Fall)
  • Digital Humanities in Practice (Fall)

Auslandssemester im Master

Sprach- & Kulturwissenschaften & Sport
  • History and Cultures of the Ancient Near East A and B (Fall)
  • History: History Cultures of Knowledge
  • History: Research
Klassische Philologie
  • Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient History
  • Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient Studies
  • Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Classics
  • Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Research
  • Heritage Studies
  • Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise & Health Research
  • Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health
  • Linguistics: Research
  • Literary studies: Literatures in English
  • Literary Studies: Research
  • Philosophy: 1 year
  • Philosophy: of Management & Organisations
  • Philosophy: Philosophy of Neuroscience
  • Accounting & Control
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration: Duisenberg Honours Programme in Financial Markets & Regulation
  • Business Administration: Strategy & Organization
  • Business Analytics
  • Business in Society: Joint Research
  • Corporate Law: Law, Markets and Behavior
  • Entrepreneurship: joint degree VU and UvA
  • Science, Business & Innovation: Chemistry and Physics
  • Business Administration: Financial Management
  • Business Administration: Human Resource Management
  • Business Administration: Information & Knowledge Management
  • Business Administration: Management Consulting
  • Business Administration: Transport & Supply Chain Management
  • Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences
  • Duisenberg Honours Programme Quantitative Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Econometrics and Operations Research
  • Economics
  • Economics: MPhil Research
  • Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM)
  • Global Health
  • Health Sciences
  • Marketing
Naturwissenschaften & Mathematik
Naturwissenschaften (sonstige)
  • Archaeology: Landscape and Heritage
  • Archaeology: Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Archaeology: of North Western Europe
  • Hydrology
  • Medical Natural Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Science
  • Artificial Intelligence: Socially Aware Computing
  • Computational Science: joint degree with UvA
  • Computer Science: Big Data Engineering
  • Computer Science: Computer Systems Security
  • Computer Science: Foundations of Computing & Concurrency
  • Computer Science: Internet & Web Technology
  • Computer Science: joint degree with UvA
  • Computer Science: Parallel Computing Systems
  • Computer Science: Software Engineering & Green IT
  • Information Sciences
  • Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
  • Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biomolecular Sciences
  • Chemistry: joint degree with UvA
  • Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (research)
  • Cognitive Neuropsychology: Research
  • Psychology: Social Psychology
  • Psychology: Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Social Psychology: Research
  • Earth Sciences
  • Ecology
Mathematik / Statistik
  • Mathematics
  • Stochastics and Financial Mathematics
  • Physics and Astronomy: UvA/VU joint degree
Kunst / Kunstwissenschaft
  • Arts & Culture: Design Cultures
  • Arts & Culture: Research: Visual Arts, Media and Architecture
Bildende Künste
  • Arts and Culture: Comparative Arts and Media Studies
Sozialwissenschaften (sonstige)
  • Culture, Organization and Management
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • International Crimes and Criminology (MSc)
Politikwissenschaften / Internationale Beziehungen
  • Law and Politics of International Security
  • Political Science: Comparative and European Politics
  • Political Science: Global Environmental Governance
  • Political Science: International Relations and Transnational Governance
  • Political Science: Policy and Politics
Religionswissenschaften / Theologie
  • Theologie & Religiewetenschappen: Exploring a Discipline
  • Theologie & Religiewetenschappen: Leadership
  • Theologie & Religiewetenschappen: Media
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Peace, Trauma and Religion
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Research
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Building Interreligious Relations
  • Drug Discovery & Safety
  • Neurosciences
  • Oncology
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences
Erneuerbare Energien
  • Environment and Resource Management (ERM)
  • International Business Law (LLM)
  • Law: International Migration and Refugee Law
  • Law: Transnational Legal Studies