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Studieren an der Murdoch University Dubai

Der Dubai-Campus der australischen Murdoch University bietet flexible, englischsprachige Kurse und eine einzigartige Atmosphäre mitten in der ultramodernen Weltstadt am persischen Golf.


Visa-Informationen zum Auslandssemester oder -Studium an der Murdoch University Dubai in Dubai. Hier erfährst du mehr!

It is mandatory for all students studying in the UAE to hold a valid residence visa. Murdoch University Dubai provides UAE Student Residence Visas through the Dubai Development Authority along with full support during the process. UAE Student visas are valid for a period of 12 months and can be renewed at the end of each 12-month period. 

1. Entry Permit
Your Entry Permit will be processed once you have met the conditions of your offer and the fees have been paid. The process normally takes between 15-20 working days.

2. Student Residence Visa
You will need to submit your passport at the University to have the Student Residence Visa placed in your passport. As part of the visa process, you will be required to undergo medical and biometric testing. Approximately 15 working days following the test, your passport will be returned with your Student Residence Visa.

3. Emirates ID Card
Once your visa is granted, you will be issued with your Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID card is your legal documentation in UAE and must always be carried with you. Further information on the Emirates ID card can be found at ica.gov.ae. 

Ausführlichere Hinweise (Stand: Dez 2021)
1. Entry Permit to the UAE allow[s] you to enter UAE to continue with the Student Residence visa process upon arrival. It is recommended that you arrive one week before commencement to ensure that you are well settled and ready for the exciting journey with Murdoch University Dubai!
What to do next:
- Please make sure that all details on the Entry Permit are correct. Please advise the University of any discrepancies as soon as possible.
- Make sure that the passport is valid (we recommend at least 6 months validity) and has at least 2 blank pages
- Send a scanned copy of your flight tickets to the University
- Students must carry a printed copy of the Entry Permit when passing through Immigration Control and will need to ensure that they receive an entry date stamp in the passport and on the Entry Permit document. Please note that students will need to submit the stamped Entry Permit document to the University for visa processing.
Please DO NOT travel to the UAE without your Entry Permit. Arriving in the UAE without your Entry Permit can result in:
- Being detained at immigration and/or being returned to your home country
- Incurring a range of fines and/or additional costs for delaying the visa process (including daily accumulative fines) and/or increasing the cost of the visa process
- Visa rejection if there is an unused approved tourist visa for the applicant in UAE Immigration’s system. No refunds will be available for the existing visa.
Visit Dubai Customs website to check the permitted luggage items and personal allowances guidance https://www.dubaicustoms.gov.ae/en/eServices/ServicesForTravellers/Pages/default.aspx

After your arrival in the UAE:
2. Students will be required to undergo a mandatory medical test and provide biometric information for Emirates ID (fingerprints and photo) as a part of their student visa application. A representative from the university will accompany students every step of the way. Additional information: www.murdochuniversitydubai.com/visas.
Students will receive medical insurance cover only after the Student Visa is stamped in their passport. In the interim, students must arrange their own health/travel insurance!