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Campus der San Diego State University ist die Nr. 1 in den USA

Der Campus der San Diego State University wurde als "Best weather campus in the U.S." gekührt.

Auslandsstudium der SDSU
Auslandsstudium der SDSU

San Diego State University was rated the #1 school when Facebook fans were asked for suggestions on colleges with great weather. Facebook fan Michele Kenoyer touted SDSU's "Sunshine. Nice ocean breezes. It couldn't get much better!"


Joe Westerberg, another Facebook fan, said SDSU got his vote because the "average temperature year round is 70.5°F (21.3°C)." At weather.com, that statistic is "department of tourism" approved!


Location: San Diego, California

Must-have school supply: Sunglasses

What to expect during your walk to class: During
September you'll cross campus with average highs around 25°C/77°F. In February temperatures will be around 18.3°C/65°F.