Die passende Universität für dein Auslandssemester:
Uni- und Programmsuche

Erfahrungsbericht: Sabine Kaa

„Memories that I will never forget!“

Sunderland University – My Experience

As we all know, making the decision where to study is never easy, no matter if one has to choose a University in their native country or even abroad. The same goes for me too. I have spent months of consideration until I finally decided to go abroad and study ‘Business and Management’ at Sunderland University, a decision that turned out to be one of the best ones I have made in my life.

Sunderland University
The University not only provides its students with a vast range of interesting Business modules, but also with well-trained lecturers and tutors who make a big effort to deliver high-quality knowledge in a comprehensible way.

When I started studying at Sunderland University I was very surprised how easy it was to make new friends and get to know lots of people from all over the world. Particularly the University’s interactive teaching methods that consist of large amounts of group work and projects make it easy to get in touch with new people and make friends for life. 

Besides that, both campuses of Sunderland University are equipped with a large number of facilities that made me enjoy studying here even more.

During a break or after classes, students can get refreshments, coffee, tea, sweets, snacks and even hot meals at the cafeteria.

Furthermore there is also the possibility of spending time in two of the probably most modern libraries I have ever seen in order to consolidate what has been learned in class.

Above all, one of my favourite places to recover from a long day at University is definitely the gym that is located in City Space at City Campus. For a good price, a membership at the gym, which is equipped with a large number of fitness classes and modern training machines, can be obtained.

Studying in Sunderland, of course, also has the advantage of being close to the sea and being able to take a walk on its marvellous beaches as well as visiting lively pubs, bars, clubs and cafés to meet friends and socialize.

The city
The city also offers opportunities of visiting the Empire Theatre and Cinema, the Winter Garden Museum and its great shopping mall ‘The Bridges’.

After 10 month of an amazing study abroad experience at Sunderland University I went back home at the end of June 2012. I have been missing Sunderland, the University, its facilities and the wonderful people I have met ever since my first day at home. It was probably one of the best experiences in my life so far and extremely developed my personality, made me even more independent and refined my team spirit, problem-solving and communication skills.

Memories that I will never forget!

Written by Sabine Kaa