Die passende Universität für dein Auslandsstudium:
Uni- und Programmsuche

Erfahrungsbericht: Ole K

„Everybody should spend some time studying at a foreing university.“

Was war für Sie der ausschlaggebende Punkt, im Ausland zu studieren?
What was the reason for you to go abroad?

The opportunity to go abroad presented itself and since I grew up very internationally, I didn't hesitate long in taking it.
Wie wichtig ist Auslandserfahrung in Ihrem Beruf?
How important is the experience abroad for your future profession?

International experience is a vital experience needed in the field of a researcher in physics. Most people will have studied or worked abroad for a few years.

Wie haben Sie die Dozenten an der Gastuniversität erlebt?
What can you say about the professors at your  university?

As I am doing my PhD here in Birmingham I cannot fully compare it with my University in Hamburg where I studied. From my experience the professers are always happy to help students and will make time if a student has any issues, which require attention.
Welche Studieninhalte waren für Sie am wichtigsten?
Which study content did you find most important?

Most important for me was to have a good research environment, where I have a good amount of researchers nearby in the same or similar fields to exchange information and experience.

Wie viele andere Studenten waren in Ihren Kursen?
How many students were in your classes?

We were two PhD students working on the same experiment. The research group I am in has between 10 and 25 members.

Wem würden Sie empfehlen, an „Ihrer“ ausländischen Universität zu studieren?

Who would you recommend study at this university?

Everybody should spend some time studying at a foreing university. It widens your knowledge of different cultures, how different but yet similar they are. It will help you to more quickly adopt to new situations.
Haben Sie Tipps zur Wohnungssuche?
Any advice for looking for housing?

For the first year I would advise to live in Univerity run halls. These are fairly expensive, but offer lots of opportunity to meet fellow students and socialise. In the second year I would recommend to look for a shared house.

Especially coming from Germany, people should be aware that English housing standards are a lot lower in England.

Haben Sie Tipps zur Stadt?
Any recommendations for the city/sightseeing?

Birmingham is a nice city. I would especially recommend anything along the canals. The city has a good selection of restaurants and bars, you just need to know which ones are the good ones. Your fellow students will pretty sure be able to help here.

Haben Sie Tipps zur Vorbereitung des Auslandsaufenthalts?
Any recommendations for preparing for the study abroad experience?

Make sure you have an idea where you are going to live and join in as many activities as possible when abroad.

Check if the degree or courses from abroad are accepted in your home country. If not check beforehand how difficult it is to get these accepted.