Erfahrungsbericht: Melina Antoni

Melina Antoni
„If I got a chance to do it again I wouldn’t hesitate and take the next flight to New Zealand. “

Hi everybody,

my name is Melina and I want to tell you why going to New Zealand for a study abroad semester was the best decision I made.

So, first of all, some information about me. I am a 20 years old student from Germany and I study Sport and Event Management at a small university. I had different reasons why I’ve chosen New Zealand. One aspect was that I was really impressed by the country. I’ve heard so much about New Zealand and the pictures I saw were unbelievable. Moreover, New Zealand is far away from my home country and I liked the thought about learning to be more self-responsible (even if some friends from my home university came with me). At least, the course offers of UNITEC fitted well to my study program.

Cathedral Cove
The beautiful nature at Cathedral Cove

Now, I want to share some memories and impressions of this time with you but there is one thing I want to anticipate: all my expectations I had before I started my journey were exceled (even if I thought that would not be possible). UNITEC is a modern university with a big campus and many buildings for the different course sectors. I had the luck to have all my courses with the same people (mostly local people and my friends from Germany). Everybody was very friendly and interested in us because we live in a faraway country. Furthermore, it was interesting to have some local friends because they told us so much about this country, its traditions or sport. Some of them also took us with them to a rugby game to show us something we never saw and it was awesome. At this point I want to tell you that if English is not your mother tongue you don’t have to panic. It will take some days but you will understand everything easily and talking to your classmates, teachers or other persons become more fluent. Another point about UNITEC is that we had a contact person at the international office, who helped us with every problem or question and was in general always considered that we are doing well.
Mount Cook
View around Mount Cook

So, besides university, New Zealand has a big offer of things you will remember. If someone asks me about New Zealand and my favorite memory I always respond traveling. You have different opportunities for weekend adventures or longer road trips. So, me and a friend, we started with some attractions around Auckland. Different beaches or islands and even if you visited the hundredth beach you still had the feeling so see something new. Then we had two weeks of study break where we flew to the South Island for our road trip. One tip: make a plan of spots you definitely want to see because you will explore so many things on your way and might stop every five minutes to take a picture. I will never forget what we did and saw on this trip. Whale watching, baby sea lions, turquoise glacier water, helicopter landing on a glacier, watching bungee-jumping in Queenstown, visiting a fiord or making different tracks are just some considerable aspects. The North Island has many different highlights, too. Watching geothermal energy, driving on the 90 miles beach, sand surfing in the dunes, being at the northernmost point of New Zealand or doing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing are adventures I am happy about.
Tongariro Alpin Crossing
A highlight: the Tongariro Alpin Crossing

I am sure I could swarm some more hours of this country but you should make your own experiences. I would recommend it to you because you can do so many things and just remember: when will you ever get the chance to go so far away from home without any obligations? If I got a chance to do it again I wouldn’t hesitate and take the next flight to New Zealand. I hope I could strengthen you in your decision or show you that New Zealand is worth the journey. All the best for you and kind regards, Melina