Die passende Universität für Ihr Auslandsstudium:
Uni- und Programmsuche

Erfahrungsbericht: Julia Zanders

„Without exaggeration: Sydney is the greatest, most amazing city of Australia! “

Study Abroad Program

In the orientation week, Study Abroad students get one day of basic information and then you need to find your way around alone. There are lots of people who would help you, but most of them are very busy at the beginning of the semester. Just have patience and don’t stop asking.

For Economic and Financial Studies I can recommend Macquarie University. Since it is the largest field of study MQ offers a great variety of classes. Finance, Economics, Human Resource, Marketing, Accounting – everything related to business you can imagine.

Even though you only go to classes two days a week, you need to work hard the whole semester. Each subject usually requires at least an individual essay sometimes in addition to a group report, one presentation either individual or with a group. Often mid-term exams have to be attended as a requirement to be admitted to the final exam. Most classes require a minimum of 80% attendance to be admitted to the final exam.

At the beginning of the semester staff told us that international students only achieve grades like a Pass or a Credit. But fellow German students and I managed to score higher. It’s all about the afford you put into it.

A great opportunity is the MQ International Internship Program. If you apply with an application letter stating what you study/where you want to absolve an internship in and your CV, Macquarie University will find a company for you. It is an academic program graded as a regular subject, therefore the internship is not paid.

Life on Campus

Macquarie University is situated on spacious parklands, only 18km north of Sydney’s central business district and Sydney Harbour. There are regular bus services from the CBD (Central Business District) and from many railway stations including Town Hall, Wynyard, Parramatta, Blacktown, Eastwood, Epping, Chatswood, Lindfield and Gordon. The Macquarie University railway station is expected to open in mid-2008.

There are two travel passes for public transportation that cover the fare to MQ: One is the “Green Weekly Travel Pass” which costs about $AUS 43. The ticket can be used to travel all around Sydney using bus, ferry, and train. The “Orange Weekly Travel Pass” costs about $AUS 38 and has restrictions such as no use of train.

Students at Macquarie ([email protected]) is the recreation and services hub of Macquarie University. [email protected] provides a wide range of facilities such as food and beverage outlets, shops, events and entertainment, and function facilities around the University. With a [email protected] card you can get lots of discounts around the campus. To purchase a [email protected] card, pay attention to special offers at the beginning of the semester. Costs are about $AUS 20.

Macquarie University Sport and Recreation has 35 sports clubs and sends teams to the University Games. It also provides great recreation services where you can do anything from skydiving to golf. The new Sports and Aquatic Centre features two swimming pools, a new gymnasium and new group fitness studios. These facilities are in addition to existing squash and badminton courts and basketball hall. Cost of joining the Sports Centre are about $AUS 150 per semester.

On-Campus Accommodation

Dunmore Lang College and Robert Menzies College both provide furnished rooms, meals, cleaning and communal facilities such as games rooms and tutoring services.

Macquarie University Village has a range of accommodation options which are all self-catering. It’s know as the American Colony.

Living on campus is not a cheap option; mostly it’s more expensive than looking for shared accommodation in the city. But it’s great for meeting people.

Costs for shared accommodation around the city is between $AUS 150 and 250 per week.

Life in Sydney

Without exaggeration: Sydney is the greatest, most amazing city of Australia! Great city centre, lovely beaches and bay around the harbour, all night long nightlife, countless pubs, cafés, clubs, restaurants, bars, suiting every nationality, good public transport, very international population, not forgetting THE Opera House and THE Harbour Bridge. A great place to go for drinks or eating out is Darling Harbour – countless choices. Circular Quay and The Rocks provide also great places for a vivid nightlife or late afternoon drinks. See and to be seen at the Opera Bar on a sunny Sunday afternoon is a must! George Street and Kings Cross offer lots of clubs and pubs for a long party night.